A Few of the Best Music Photographers We’ve Featured

Though it’s their audio talents that entertain most of us, musicians need photos of themselves and their concerts too, and the latter isn’t as straightforward as some of us might think. Here are some of the best music photographers we’ve featured across the years.

Courtney Coles


Courtney got into music photography because she was keen on making photographs like the ones in her favorite magazines. To her luck, it was the response to her personal projects that led people to hire her for music photography. She shoots more of her assignments on a mix of digital and film cameras.

Jennifer Carter

Sometimes, all it takes to kickstart your career is a little confidence and being open to asking permission. That’s what got Jennifer into the world of music photography. She encourages those interested in pursuing this career to reach out to local bands and music venues.

Tim Bottchen

Music photography can be rewarding to shoot. But as with all professional genres of photography, there’s a business side to things too. Tim gives our readers some tips on how to strengthen this side of the coin.

Beth Saravo

As part of a constantly evolving industry, photographers need to keep up with its changes. She’s also had to deal with a lot of the challenges of being a female photographer. In an interview with us, Beth spoke about how those involved in photographing musicians can remain competitive and visible.

Brenton Giesey

His photography is heavily influenced by the music of the 90s, so it’s no surprise that Brenton loves to shoot with film. Musicians have even requested him to do their entire shoot on film.

All images used with permission. Copyrighted by the respective photographers. The lead image is by Tim Bottchen.

Source: www.thephoblographer.com