And the Winner of This Gorgeous Nikon Camera Is…

Phoblographer’s subscribers got a new benefit this month in the form of Wacom’s additional discounts for our members. And thanks to folks like you, we can keep developing programs like this. You’re helping us pay the server bill and ensure that our staff pays their bills and puts food on the table for their families. With that said, there’s more to come for our subscribers. If you haven’t subscribed yet, we encourage you to do so. We’ve given away a bunch of great prizes to our members. Recently, we held a giveaway of a beautiful Nikon F camera that was refurbished by Blue Moon Camera. So who won?

The winner of the gorgeous vintage Nikon camera is Corey Boland. Congratulations Corey! We sincerely hope you enjoy the camera! We’ve contacted you and hope to hear back soon!

A big thank you to our membership partners and Blue Moon Camera for providing the prize for this!