Eight of the Best Adventure Photographers to Learn From

Adventure photography certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, given the risks involved. But the rewards reaped, in terms of stunning photography, can indeed be worth the effort. Here are eight of the most fantastic adventure photographers whose work we’ve featured

Lars Schneider

It’s a bit of a challenge to travel for adventure photography when a child tags along, as Lars Schneider and his wife Katrin found out. They’ve been doing this since their son was a newborn. It’s gotten easier each year as they go around the world in a WV tour bus.

Jaime Del Pizzo

Every day is a challenge of sorts for Jaime Del Pizzo, who was born with severe hearing loss. Despite this personal struggle, she has created an amazing portfolio of adventure photos. Her inspiration to take up photography came in her early teens when she traveled abroad and borrowed a DSLR from her father.

Aside from this, having a hearing loss impacts my photography in making it what it is. Due to a lack of hearing, my eyesight is heightened without the distraction of noise.

Jaime Del Pizzo

Carolin UnratH

Have you ever heard of the term ‘river surfing’? I certainly hadn’t before I sat down to write this piece. Carolin Unrath of Germany has produced a series of images after the first lockdown of 2020, about this niche sport. One of her photos from this set series won the “Lifestyle by COOPH” category at the world-renowned Red Bull Illume Image Quest photo competition. Read more about this in our interview with Caroline.

Zachary Shenal

“There is just something pleasing about showing a person interact with his/her environment,” said Zach Shenal in his pitch email to us. He plans his adventure photos meticulously as he feels there’s no merit to them otherwise.

Travis Burke

He’s got over 750K followers on Instagram, and it’s not hard to see why. A self-titled ‘Dream Chaser,’ Travis Burke loves to photograph landscapes that take his breath away. Taking pictures of such spots helps him appreciate their beauty even more.

Hunter Lawrence

“Life over likes my friends,” succinctly responds Hunter Lawrence when asked about what he does to ensure his photos don’t look repetitive to others. He spent a lot of his childhood travelling to scenic landscapes; trips that grew his interest in photography. Read more about his drive to share his experiences with others.

Dylan Lucas

California has waves for surfing aplenty, but photographer Dylan Lucas headed over to the Arctic Circle for some extreme weather surfing. It wasn’t just for surf photos though, as he went searching for “concrete to skate, vodka, fires, frozen Trans-Siberian rides, hostile warmth, tundras and deserted villages, rockets, countless beers, and bone-chilling swims, and waterfalls.” See those images, as well as some eye-catching in-camera double-exposure images here.

Paul Ziska

A photographer whose work I’ve admired for many years, I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to interview Paul Ziska last year. His photography requires immense patience to execute, often in extreme weather. The multiple adventure expeditions that he takes helps keep him in good shape for his photography.

All images are used with permission and are copyrighted by the respective photographers. The lead image is by Hunter Lawrence.

Source: www.thephoblographer.com