Last Call to Save $500 on the Panasonic S5!

Panasonic’s most killer camera right now could arguably be the Panasonic S5 if you’re a full-frame shooter. And now, you can get a free 85mm f1.8 lens with it! It boasts a 24MP full frame sensor, great color, weather resistance, and high reliability. On top of that, Panasonic has one of the best menu interfaces of any camera brand. In our high ISO tests, it did well at ISO 6400. And then you also need to keep in mind that it’s got animal AI detection. If you photograph the stars, then you should know about what the S5 can do for you with its Live Composite mode. It’s got a discount right now! Take a look at the deals after the jump.

End Date Product Regular Price Discount Final Price
12/31/22 Panasonic S5 body with free 85mm f1.8 $1,999.99  $500.00  $1,499.99 
12/31/22 S5 with a lens and free 85mm f1.8 $2,299.99  $500.00  $1,799.99 
12/31/22 GH6 body $2,199.99  $500.00  $1,699.99 
12/31/22 GH6 with a 12-60mm lens $2,799.99  $500.00  $2,299.99 
12/31/22 GH5 Mk II with 12-60mm $2,299.99  $300.00  $1,999.99 
12/31/22 GH5 MK II body $1,699.99  $300.00  $1,399.99 
12/31/22 G100 with a lens $749.99  $250.00  $499.99 
12/31/22 G100 Video kit $799.99  $200.00  $599.99 
12/31/22 DC-FZ80K $399.99  $100.00  $299.99 
12/31/22 DMC-ZS100K $599.99  $200.00  $399.99 
12/31/22 DMC-ZS100S $599.99  $200.00  $399.99 
12/31/22 HC-VX981K $799.99  $200.00  $599.99 
12/31/22 HC-V785K $599.99  $150.00  $449.99 

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