The Fujifilm XT4 Has a Discount. Go Get it!

The Fujifilm XT4 has been on discount since the XT5 was announced. Don’t need the extra scene detection AI features or 40MP? Then the XT4 is the better choice. In our tests, we found the XT4 to even have better autofocus. While the XT5 has better battery life and is both lighter and smaller, some of us might like the more durable feeling of a properly retro-styled vintage camera.

Here’s what we concluded in our Fujifilm XT5 and Fujifilm XT4 comparison:

Packing a new processor and sensor, the Fujifilm XT5 delivers higher resolution images without a crazy uptick in noise. That added detail looks lovely with Fujifilm colors and the character coming from many X Mount lenses. The autofocus system is now capable of recognizing the eyes of pets, birds, trains, and automobiles. Enhanced stabilization and longer battery life are also welcome additions.

While the XT5 delivers a higher resolution, the XT4’s autofocus consistently got a higher hit rate. The lower resolution also helps the XT4 at high ISOs. And, if you want to shoot selfies or flip the screen shut to pretend you are actually shooting with an SLR, the XT4 has the better screen for it. As the older camera, it’s also easier to find it on sale.

In short, the Fujifilm XT5 delivers great photos with a higher resolution sensor and beautiful ergonomics. But, if you want that high-resolution sensor and good autofocus, the Fujifilm XH2 is the better choice, alas, with a wildly different control scheme. The XT4, meanwhile, is a nice alternative with great controls, better autofocus, a larger buffer, and a discount.

You can pick up the XT4 from Adorama or Amazon. They’re discounted until March 5th, 2023.

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