We’ve Updated Our Canon RF Lens Guide. Take a Look!

For everyone who’s married into the Canon RF camera system, we’ve updated our lens guide. Within that guide you’ll see a complete library of reviews of Canon RF lenses. And you should also know that, as of today’s publishing, we’ve reviewed pretty much all of them. We’re missing maybe two lenses, but our guide will give you a better idea of a lot of others. For example, are you willing to spend enough to buy the Canon RF 1200mm f8 L? Or maybe you need the Canon RF 50mm f1.8 lens instead. All these questions and more can be answered by looking at our Canon RF Lens guide. Go take a look at this link and enjoy it!

A few things you should know as well. We’ve also reviewed the pretty hard to get Samyang 85mm f1.4 RF lens. Besides that lens, manufactures don’t make autofocus lenses for RF mount as it’s very difficult to do. Plus, Canon doesn’t like working with 3rd parties. For that reason, there are barely any other autofocus lenses for Canon RF mount, which is reflected in this guide.

Will that change? We don’t know. Honestly, Canon isn’t known to be friendly when it comes to that kind of stuff if you consider what happened during the DSLR days. They’re still the only holdout on that.

Source: www.thephoblographer.com